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Why do special orders need to be ordered 72 hours before a flight?

Special orders need to be processed through customs and approved before they are sent to Leifstöð or on board the planes.

Where can I exchange defective merchandise purchased on board?

You can exchange merchandise at the Icelandair main offices located by Hotel Loftleiðir and at the products service offices if the product is marked as such.

How do I go about exchanging a product?

The process takes a week. The product is sent to the duty free lager at Keflavik and from there the exchange is inspected and approved by customs. From there the product is sent to Reykjavik and the customer is notified to pick it up.

Do products purchased from Saga Shop come with a warranty?

A one year warranty applies to products purchased at Saga Shop. Products can be exchanged with a valid receipt at the main Icelandair offices workdays between 13:00 and 16:00.